Laundry Products

The following are the 5 chemicals that we put “online” to be automatically injected into the wash
wheel during the laundry cycle.


Integrated Sports Specialties is proud to introduce the next evolution in athletic laundry:PLAY OFF SPORTS DETERGENT. Our team of Equipment Managers and Chemists have worked tirelessly to create a custom formulated sports laundry detergent to help you get the job done like never before!

-Eliminates even more dirt and paint stains in the washer
-Does NOT require tub soaking
-Fresh smell
-Sanitizes each and every laundry load

A unique blend of organic solvents and fluorescent brighteners, Punch Plus detergent helps to eliminate athletic stains; from dirt to eye-black.

ProBrite eliminates high mineral content in water to ensure that your detergent gets perfect results while helping to brighten garments and eliminate the toughest of odors.

ColorSafe Bleach completely sanitizes each and every load of laundry, leaving the fabric bacteria and germ free.  Our chemical balance is the product of over twenty years of development and testing.  Achieve unprecedented results in your wash cycles with far less product and effort.

EZ-GO Plus’s super-concentrated quad enzymes make it the ultimate tool to eliminate grass stains as well as the build up of odor and bacteria in garments.


Originally designed for Penn State University to remove blue field paint from uniforms, P.S. Blout also eliminates helmet paint, adhesives, and pine tar from nearly any garment type.

Massive demand from baseball clubhouse managers led us to create Klayco; the ultimate weapon against red clay stains. When used in conjunction with our line of detergents, Klayco’s high-acid concentration keeps your uniforms game ready.

An ideal product developed specifically to “set” the colors in game uniforms in order to prevent the bleeding or fading of colors onto white or light colored fabrics.

A highly concentrated and blended powder containing optical brighteners and grass and protein stain removers.  GSR is used on fabrics with hard grass stains that need an extra cleaning solvent to pry the stain from the fabric.  GSR was developed to work on today’s tighter woven fabrics to release protein stains due to over seeding.



More and more fields these days are artificial turf...defeat those pesky turf stains with ISS's Blackout!